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As supplied to leading motor manufacturers

  We are the marketing partner from AutoAcc, who manufacture the SAE J826H-Point-Manikin which conforms to the following E/ECE/324, E/ECE/TRANS/505 standards.

The SAE Standard has been prepared to provide a universal three dimensional manikin for use in defining vehicle seating accommodation. This represents the weight and contour of a 10th, 50th & 95th percentile adult male.

Constructed of reinforced plastic and metal, it consists of a separate back pan and seat pan, mechanically hinged at the hip or "H" point, which simulates the actual pivot centre of the human torso and thigh.
Requirements for manikin´s
in the European legislation
The SAE J826B mannequin manufactured by AutoAcc conforms to the following standard, E/ECE/324, E/ECE/TRANS/505, regulation No. 14, REV. 1/ADD. 13/REF, 1, ANNEX 4, as required for use with the EEC Directives listed below.
EEC Directive EEC Regulation Title
76/115-82/318 14 Belt Anchorage
74/60-78/632 21 Interior Fitting
71/127-79/795 - Rear Visibility
77/649-81/643 - Forward Visibility
78/317 - Demist-Defrost
78/318 - Wiper Washer System
74/408-81/577 17 Seat Anchorage
78/932 25 Head Restraint



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