Three dimensional H-Point-Manikin


We have manufactured the THREE DIMENSIONAL H-Point-Manikin, made from reinforced glass fibre and chrome plated steel to represent a 75.6 Kg. male body for a number of years.

Because of EEC regulations using a MANIKIN as a base for testing the forward vision our MANIKIN if fitted with VIDEO CAMERAS as the drivers eyes to enable us to monitor and record on a Visual Display Unit everything in the drivers forward vision.

This enables the test to be made without having expensive dark rooms or long exposure cameras thus saving time, space and inaccuracies as the equipment is able to check within .5°.

Set up time has been reduced to one man and a few hours work, with a complete record on VIDEO TAPE. It has been approved by Ford Motor Company of GREAT BRITIAN and GERMANY and British and German Transport Authorities.

A 'H' POINT MANIKIN is used to simulate a front seat passenger, modified for field of vision monitoring equipment: conforming to Annex III of Directive - 81/643/EEC.

A windscreen datum point projector is mounted on the 'H' POINT MANIKIN. The device consists of a pair of video Cameras positioned one above the other (to represent the 'V' POINTS or EYE POINTS).

With a see through masking screen, marked with horizontal and vertical datum, target points are so positioned that the vertices when projected define the three windscreen datum points.

The 180° forward field of vision device is controlled by four planes. One plane is horizontal through V1, the other three are inclined 4° below the horizontal through V2, this test is also taken care of by the see through masking screen.

Plus a device consisting of a pair of VIDEO CAMERAS arranged side by side (to represent the 'E' or EYE POINTS) are mounted on the 'H' POINT MANIKIN: and are capable of being pivoted around the 'P' POINTS, for checking windscreen pillar angles and width.

The horizontal plane through the 'E' POINTS is defined by an electronic cross graticule shown on the V.D.U. Both cameras are capable of movement about POINTS 'E' 30° either side of the fixed datum about POINTS P1 and P2. and are interchangeable for both sides of the vehicle.



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